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ADRI is a self-service car wash brand owned by the Latvian company SIA “AT Nordic”. The company is the official Adriateh d.o.o. representative in Latvia. We are one of the leading manufacturers of self-service car wash systems in Europe, selling its products worldwide. More than twenty years of experience and the use of quality materials in combination with modern technological solutions are the main drivers of Adriateh’s development, which has gained high recognition in Europe.


Sale of car washes and their equipment
ADRI is the official distributor of Adriateh car washes and their equipment in Latvia. The two main drivers of ADRI are design and technology.


Design is an important factor in attracting new customers. ADRI offers 5 different car wash designs (Martina, Sferica, Quadra, Tertis and Leggera). Efficient and modern technologies will be a key factor that will help ensure reliable and successful cooperation with car wash customers.

Provision of car washes full service
To ensure the continuous operation of your car wash and business, ADRI offers maintenance and upkeep of self-service car washes. ADRI provides full-service services not only for owners of Adriateh car washes, but also for the washes that use technologies from other manufacturers.

Project development and implementation
The ADRI team is ready to help you with the development and implementation of a self-service car wash project. Our team offers the following services:
  • Business plan preparation
  • Development of technical documentation (construction project)
  • Construction supervision
  • Car wash installation

Self-service washing in ADRI car washes
ADRI car washes use high-class components, which allows to ensure car washes in the best quality. We emphasize the most important component manufacturers:
  • CAT high pressure pumps (Japan)
  • GRUNDFOS low pressure pumps (Denmark)
  • DANFOSS valves (Germany)
  • SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER control units and touch panels (Germany)
  • SCHNEIDER fuses and motor protection devices (Germany)
  • MOSMATIC rotating wash tube holders (Switzerland)
  • ROTEX water drums with brass connections (Germany)
  • ACV water heaters (Belgium)
  • R + M spray guns (Germany)
  • KONCAR electric motors (Croatia)
  • DALEKOVOD hot dip galvanizing of metal components (Croatia)
  • LIM MONT all panels (Croatia)

Our goal is to be recognized as a company that uses the latest technology in traditional solutions.